EduR Chat Assistant


New Conversation AI Bot app that

  • Learns your business and automates REAL tasks like generating unlimited new leads, closing sales, handling customer support is SELLING OUT fast!
  • Can train the AI with your OWN DATA from website URLs, PDF, knowledge base or documents.
  • Understands context and delivers human-like responses to brand-specific queries
  • It mimics your brand voice or your persona and responds to queries in your tone!
Data-Trained AI Chat

Train our AI Chat with your own data for personalized, human-like responses to brand-specific queries

Creative Content Marketing

Engage in real-time voice chat with an AI Human, available in multiple languages

Live Chat With Unlimited Seats

Handle high volumes of inquiries with unlimited team members in live chat.

AI Chat Funnel Builder

Design interactive customer journeys. Interact, answer questions, make decisions, and offer rewards

Keyword Triggered Chat Responses

Provide instant and accurate replies to unlimited keywords.

Ready-Made Chat Templates

Launch your automated AI chat instantly. No technical experience needed.

Zapier Integration

Collect customer information and transport it effortlessly to any other platform!

Analytics & Data

Track and optimize strategies for increased revenue and ROI.

Location Detect AI Auto-Translate

Break language barriers with automatic translation into visitors' local language.

Personalized Chat Automation

Greet customers by name, location, phone number, or email.

Nothing comes close - there is no other app available in the market with all the features and AI capabilities. The best part is you get UNLIMITED access to everything. No monthly fees or hidden costs.

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