Coding For Kids



Scratch coding (codecamp) is an excellent way to introduce your kids to computer programming. It is a unique coding concept developed by our instructors specifically for kids to develop their critical thinking, creativity, and computational thinking. The course will take your kids through Scratch at Educational River, from the fundamentals up to the intermediate levels. We adopt an inquiry-based teaching style in an interactive setting to teach your kids the basics of the Scratch interface. The course will guide them through the units until they can create Scratch programs, make games, and solve programming problems.

Kodu Coding Camp


Kodu Coding Camp presents another excellent opportunity to teach kids basic programming principles. Created by Microsoft, this visual programming language is designed to improve the storytelling, problem-solving, creativity, and, most importantly, the programming skills of young children. The entire process of creating the world’s terrain and introducing characters and props with your desired behaviors and rules is fascinating, especially to kids. With Kodu, your kids will learn the fundamentals of programming at the right pace, thanks to the visually engaging teaching process that delivers immediate results. So, if you want to activate the creative expression of your kids by creating exciting 3D games through the easy-to-use Kodu interface, have them join the Online Educational River Kodu Coding Camp. The best part? Your kid doesn’t need any pre-training. All you have to do is follow the link and register them using google account in this google classroom course.

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